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One Full Year of Websites Design, Hosting, Maintenance and management.

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Why have your A.S.K. Web?

10 reasons to consider a website:

  • It brings prestige to your company. It projects a strong corporate image.
  • The Internet is a shopping guide with millions of users looking for services/products.
  • Reduces the cost of printing brochures.
  • Unleashes unlimited sales potential...email orders, ecommerce, and international.
  • Saves postage costs, brochures are always in the clients hands.
  • Reduces phone tie-ups, information is available on line. Can also save on phone  costs like long distance faxes, calls, etc...
  • A  twenty-four hour a day employee...ready to take messages, orders, and requests.
  • Can be designed to incorporate existing advertising and promotional ideas.
  • Opens the door to new and existing markets
  • Most importantly, is a useful tool to help you provide ongoing sales and service for your customers.

And of course the next consideration to make is that Webs Have extra-Ordinary features.. click here to learn more